Your Business Impact

Building the Business of Your Dreams

It’s vital to understand and include the key foundations of a specific, successful business plan, to make sure your business vision and model matches your dreams.

For this, you need to assess and make sure you include three essential components:

  • Impact—your business footprint
  • Financial strength—your financial goals
  • Philanthropy—how you give back

Too often we fail because we focus on only one or two of these key hallmarks of a truly successful business. Leaving out any one of these three keys will ultimately leave you dissatisfied, feeling as if “something is missing” … but when you make sure you have specific goals for all three areas and meet them, life remains fulfilling and exciting.

Once you determine your why, your long-term and short-term goals and your vision for your business, you need to next ask yourself:

  • “How closely does my current business model match my vision?”

Too often we settle for less than we really want or need. If you find that you have done that, ask that “why” question again. Why have you settled for less? What is stopping you? Once you identify the source of this compromise, it becomes much easier to make a plan for stepping over it.




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