Working at Home the Truth

One roadblock to creating powerful passive income can be the very fact that you are working at home. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that creating passive income should be a money-making activity. Instead, there’s a temptation to procrastinate or potter at it. (You’ll know this is you if you find yourself constantly telling people you’re “working on” your book or your package—without ever getting one out!)

And you can’t focus on just one product: You need to have a progressive funnel’s-worth. But here’s the reassuring part: The more passive income products or packages you create, the easier—and faster—it gets in creating them.

(And you can always outsource certain types of products.)

When you work at home, fear and procrastination are the two biggest reasons people allow themselves to get distracted and spin their wheels. You need to be accountable to yourself and:

  • Stay focused
  • Don’t mix personal distractions with work during designated work hours
  • Stick to designated work hours
  • Make sure you follow a simple schedule
  • Set boundaries—and stick to them
  • Prioritize your day

You also need to freshen up the time you spend at your desk by taking legitimate breaks to seek outside stimulation and networking opportunities. Find a local business organization to join then get involved. People who do this tend to find the business-focused break energizing rather than draining; and you’ll broaden your business horizons, gain unexpected tips and insights—and be able to contribute to your community too.

But the best way to make sure you stay focused on growing your business working from home—and that includes dreaming up passive income products, books or packages that support your mission—lies in making sure that you really are following a dream you can be passionate about.

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