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FREE Software Looking for free software to enhance your webcam videos? Watch this short video to find out what it does and where to get it. It’s absolutely free! Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge Testimonial   Dean is my mentor and I highly recommend him. Its Crazy To Try Learn Everything On Your Own. Here’s where you can get help to build a truly profitable online business. Work hard and smart! Check out Dean’s FREE Affiliate Marketing Playbook. Small Wins And Milestones Create Drive. Here’s where you […]

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Stop dreaming and make it happen!

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I’m a member of a mastermind group.  I was shocked when one of the members was crying and moaning. He bought a product and whined that he didn’t have any results. That he didn’t have money or a computer. He said, “I’m so disappointed in these systems.” The mastermind leader said, “Buying a product is not taking action.  You have to follow the steps outlined.  It’s not the systems that don’t work, it’s the individual. Just buying a product doesn’t make you money.” This got me thinking.  When […]

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HOW TO MAKE SURE YOU MEET MILESTONES AND DEADLINES Most people miss the most important step in making sure you meet milestones and deadlines—and that is having a big enough need, want or why. Starting backwards: Identify the big goal(s) Identify the steps you have to take Create realistic deadlines—from the final deadline all the way forward to the first small step Ask yourself… What is NOT taking action costing YOU? Everything else—setting deadlines backwards, outsourcing, accountability partners; even hiring your own business coach—all these are, at […]

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