Stop dreaming and make it happen!

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I’m a member of a mastermind group.  I was shocked when one of the members was crying and moaning. He bought a product and whined that he didn’t have any results. That he didn’t have money or a computer. He said, “I’m so disappointed in these systems.”

The mastermind leader said, “Buying a product is not taking action.  You have to follow the steps outlined.  It’s not the systems that don’t work, it’s the individual. Just buying a product doesn’t make you money.”

This got me thinking.  When I first started online I gave away products to people who cried no money please help me.  I told them to email me if they needed help.

I asked them to let me know when they got results.  None of the people I gave products to let me know they did anything.  None of them emailed asking for help. Others who paid for the products (and some were expensive) told me how much they made and how everything worked for them.

My mentor told me that his experience was that people who got things for free did not appreciate them or work them.  He learned early on not to give anything away.

Yes, you need a dream but dreams without action won’t get you there. Taking daily consistent action leads to winning. Make a plan and follow it.

Making money online doesn’t happen easily or quickly.  It takes work. It takes time and effort.  It must become a high priority for you. You must be committed to making it happen no matter what.

What have you been working on to help your business move forward? Start working on your business.  Stop dreaming about it, and make it happen!

To quote Estee Lauder, “I never dreamed about success.  I worked for it.”

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