Selling Information Products Online

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How to get started selling information products online.

You have a few choices if you want to sell info products online.  Let’s talk about two of them here.  You can sell your own products or other people’s products.

To sell your own digital products you will need a product, a website (or place to sell your product), a way to take payments and an autoresponder.

If you decide to sell someone else’s product (affiliate marketing) you will need a way to drive traffic to that product.

The advantages of selling your own product is that you get all of the money and you get to build an email list of buyers.  You can then market to these buyers over and over again.  You can also let other people sell your product for you and compile your email list that way.

When you use affiliate marketing you do not get the email addresses of the buyers.  This means that you get the money once and can not market to these buyers again.

Either way you will have to drive traffic to your offers.  If you are paying for traffic, you will have to make enough money from the affiliate offer to cover the cost of the traffic.  If you are selling your own product you can recoup the traffic cost by selling other products to them over time. Once you have your list of buyers you can sell them affiliate products.

So, your first step is to decide whether you want to sell your own product or become an affiliate.  If you have very little money and do not want to create your product, set up a website and autoresponder then selling someone else’s product is the answer.

One thing you can do is to start with affiliate marketing and then put some of your profits toward producing your own product.

To create your product, you only have to put in the work once and then sell it over and over again.   This is the passive income everyone talks about.

The hardest part of any project is getting started.  But this is the most important first step you can take.

Step number one is to decide what to do.  Create it yourself or become an affiliate.  Once that is done you will have to explore the marketplace to find something to create or sell.

Keep watching these posts as I will post on getting started in affiliate marketing. I will give you some ideas and products to promote.  I will also post on product creation and selling your own product.

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