My Journey Week 2

For this week I will be blogging about what I will do to get to my goal of making $10,000 a month online. My initial plan is:

1.  I will blog once a week about my journey.

2.  I will email my list when my blog post is ready.

3.  I will put a pin about the blog post on Pinterest.

4.  I will start a course on Facebook advertising.

5.  All my internet focus will be on my goal. I will not waste time on the wrong things.

I will ask myself,”Does this move me toward my goal?”  If not, I won’t do it. I will actively be driving traffic to get the right people to join my list.

Once I finish the course on Facebook advertising I will start with paid ads.  Until then I will use free traffic methods.

I will put PDFs on a slide share platform.

I will post on both Facebook and Instagram.

I am also learning about Facebook messenger bots.  I hope to use them with unpaid posts and eventually with paid ads.

Let’s see what happens.  I haven’t made any money in this new program yet and I haven’t added anyone to my list yet.  I haven’t spent any money either.

I will keep you informed.

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The first blog post is here “My Journey to $10,000 a Month”.  All the posts will be under the senior entrepreneur category.


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