Make Money from Your Blog

Make money from your blog

Here are 6 ideas on how to monetize your blog. Making money from your blog is not hard, here are some ways to produce a passive income.

1. Use Google AdSense

You should consider putting up Google AdSense ads.

Create an AdSense account, follow the instructions to generate some code,
and then place the code in your website.
From there, the script will generate ads that are designed for your site.
You will make money whenever the ads are clicked.

2. Sell Advertising Space
If you are just starting out and your site doesn’t have much traffic you won’t be able to do this. However, if your blog receives a lot of traffic and you can prove it
then selling advertising space may be worth considering.


3. Seek Out Sponsorship Opportunities
You could have long term sponsors for the blog, who pay monthly in
exchange for your promoting their products periodically and for including a
banner on your site that references them as a sponsor.

4. Sell Your Own Products/Services

Another way to generate revenue through your blog is to sell your own
products.  It’s easy to accept payments using

5. Promote Affiliate Products/Services

Regardless of what niche you are in, you should be able to find
affiliate programs to join.  Some pay very well.

the commission machine

6. Post Paid Reviews

Another way in which you can monetize your blog is to join a “pay per post” program.
These will allow you to post positive reviews about products in exchange for
monetary compensation.

Without monetization, you won’t have profits and without profits,
there will be no reason to maintain the blog.

Notice that I used a couple of the ideas in this blog post.  If you are trying to make money online be sure to sign up for some free offers.  The reason is that you can model the successful internet marketers’ ideas and swipe their emails.

And many of the products they sell will make you money if you do what they teach.


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