Instagram Traffic

Once you have signed up for your Instagram account there are certain ways to set up your account to drive traffic.

Here are the top things of our account we will go over that are very important:
1) Our Username
2) Our Bio
3) What we post
4) Hashtags we use
5) Who we follow

First being our username: You will want to choose something that goes along with your niche. Suppose you are in the make money online niche.  You want to create a username like: make $250 a day online, work with a millionaire, Online profits etc.

Next, we can move onto the profile picture.
If you’re going for more the traditional affiliate offer offer, you can be a little broader with your name.

If you’re selling a make money online product through Warrior+, you can name your account something along the lines of MakeMoneyOnlineNow, etc. vs. it having something to do with the product name. You can however do that too. CPA offers usually require you to be a bit stricter with the name.

You don’t want a factory looking, digitally created photo for your CPA offer. You want something that looks like it was a camera picture taken of the product.

For product based affiliate offers it’s a good idea to have the product image be the profile picture.

Instagram ad course

Next, let’s talk about what we put in our Bio.

The bio is probably one of the most important pieces of our profile because it’s the ultimate call to action for our audience to see. Remember that with these CPA offers the whole point to entice our audience into getting conversions is to sell them on the idea that this is a product giveaway contest! If they enter their email below they have a chance to win!

The same goes for any affiliate product you decide to sell. You want to have a strong call to action for any offer you give to your audience. Remember to not just set it and leave it! Tweak it after time if your conversions aren’t that great and see if that helps. Tweaking and optimizing is how you get the best results!

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Here’s some for an affiliate offer:
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Lastly, here’s a few you can use if you’re pulling in clients to a landing page where you’ll build an email list:
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The next piece of the bio is it’s VITAL to use emojis. Yes, Emojis! This makes it a little more trustworthy and legitimate looking to not only Instagram, but to your audience as well.

You want to start off and fill your profile with at LEAST 6 images, but I would personally go with around 9 – 12 to fill out your profile a little more. This makes you look more legit and more active, anyway.
You can just google images of your product you’re giving away on Google and take pictures on put it on Instagram. The key to this is adding in the right hash tags!

You can either download an app called Tags4Likes or just simply Google the top 30 hashtags for Instagram and include them all in every IG picture to attract traffic to your page. Each picture can take a maximum of 30 hashtags each, so make sure you make good use of all top 30 hashtags!
Using hashtags also makes you look a lot more legit and trustworthy.

Obviously, if you’re selling an affiliate product on Clickbank and it’s a fitness product, I would do the top 30 fitness hashtags. If it’s a a make money product, I would use the top 30 internet marketing/make money online hashtags and see how many clicks you get. If your click count is low, again try changing your hashtags, or your call of action. Same with the CPA offers!

Lastly, I want to talk about managing our account. Keeping up on our account is pretty easy to do. All you need to do is to simply post a couple pictures every day that are related to your offer and just keep posting every picture with those same 30 popular hashtags.
If you get any negative comments, or harassment just be sure to delete those comments and block people that may be necessary to block. Other than that, just keep checking on your Instagram account a few times a day and you’ll be fine for the most part.

Our next post will be on getting even more traffic from Instagram.

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