Instagram Traffic Part 2

In our last blog post we discussed your username, bio, profile picture and hashtags.

Posting pictures with the top 30 hashtags is great and all, but we’re going to want more traffic than that. Now, of course you can just stick to this if you want to and not worry about gaining extra traffic but it’s very recommended you implement the strategies for maximum results.

If you just stick to posting pictures with the top 30 hashtags, you WILL get traffic. But your overall earnings will be much lower.

Now, there are two ways you can go about getting traffic to your account:
For this method, we’re going to simply search around Instagram and follow accounts that are related to yours. For example, if you’re giving away maybeline mascara, you’d follow other maybeline accounts or other mascara accounts. They don’t necessarily have to be giving away stuff too, but just a long as they’re closely related like that.

Let’s say you’re giving away a free Sony PS4, look for accounts that are PS4 related, Sony related, gaming related, etc.

Also try and find pictures related to your account and use hashtags to find those pictures. Since I’m doing iPhone, I’d look for hashtags that are iphone related and comment and like them.

Again, don’t do spammy comments like “check out my profile link to win an iphone!”. Just do something genuine like “Cool!” or “I love iphones!” or something like that. The more legit and real you look, the better it’s going to attract people.

You also want to keep in mind of Instagram’s follow limit per day. I think it’s somewhere around 500 but you want to play it safe and follow around 200 to 300 people per day. Any more than that and you’re treading deep water.

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Now at some point, you’re going to start noticing a lot of activity on your CPA dashboard. You’ll start to see the clicks and conversions come in. Keep a good tab on your results because if you’re not getting great conversions, you’ll want to tweak things to make sure everything is optimum.

You’ll start seeing lots of clicks on your Affiliate link and it won’t be long before some sales come in. Now’s the time to refine your call to action, your pictures, your hashtags, etc.
If need be, you can change out your offer to something extremely similar, or even change out the landing page if need be (assuming the offer provider offers multiple landing pages to choose from. Some do.)

The main goal here is you’ll want to have an offer from the start that is very universally appealing in your niche that will attract a lot of people. This is why free laptops, xboxs, iphones, etc are always great. Or if you’re in the makeup niche, mascara, etc. is great too. Of course, any make money online product will do great in the internet marketing niche, etc.

After a little while you’ll be doing great, and it will be time to scale things up!
At this point, you’ll want to rinse and repeat everything but with a different niche, offer and account. Make sure to purchase a brand new domain as well if you’re gonna do a CPA offer
Instagram in general only allows 5 accounts per phone/IP address but I’ve found that you can create a lot more accounts if you download BlueStacks for your computer (Android Phone emulator) and download Instagram through that and create an account. Of course, you’ll have to create a new email for it which you can easily do.)
I wouldn’t start a bunch of campaigns at once though. Stick with 1 until you start making some money and then you can fine tune so you’re not dealing with 5 accounts at once and trying to juggle between them.

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