How to Make $2000 a Month Online

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You won’t get rich selling just one product. To make a good monthly income you need a sales funnel.

You start with a free lead magnet.  This giveaway product must be something that people in your niche desire and need and are willing to exchange their email addresses for.

Once you have their email addresses in your follow up emails you pitch a tripwire product. This is a low-cost, high-value, “no brainer” offer that gets people to order. Let’s say your tripwire product is $7.

You then put your tripwire customers into an autoresponder series that focuses on selling one of your main flagship offers. For example, maybe you sell a product for $97.

Those who buy your $97 offer are encouraged to take advantage of a high-ticket offer for $500 (or more).

And all throughout this sales funnel you sell a variety of products at a variety of price points.

Let’s see how you’d get to that magical $2000 per month…

You find just one customer per day to purchase your tripwire product. That means 30 customers per month X $7 = $210.

Seven of these customers (that’s roughly 25% of your buyers) purchase your $97 in any given month. That’s 7 X $97 = $679 per month.

Two of these customers purchase the $500 premium offer. That’s another $1000 per month.

So far that’s $1889. You need to pick up an extra $111 to meet the $2000 per month goal.

If 10% of your original 30 buyers purchase another $50 product from you, then you’ve surpassed it.

It’s easier to get an existing customer to purchase another product from you rather than always seeking out new customers to purchase your offers. While you most definitely should be seeking out new customers, don’t forget that the real money in your business lays hidden in the backend, and you can tap it by selling to repeat customers.

If you don’t have your own products you can sell affiliate products.  The only trouble is that you don’t get the email addresses.  But some of these funnels are high converting and very lucrative.

Check out these two:

Notice how this one goes to a landing page and then to a free video.

Project Profit Academy

And this one does the same thing.

Commission Machine

Check out where they send you after the videos.  And read and swipe their email sequences. These are both 6 figure Internet Marketers.

Here is another millionaire marketer and his funnel.

Again sign up for these offers and swipe their ideas and emails.  Use their ideas for your own funnel.  Or, buy their funnels and send traffic to them.


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