Free Traffic Method

We are always looking for traffic to our websites and offers. And of course free traffic if it is quick, easy and converts is the best of all. I found a website where you can buy traffic.

Wait, you just said free traffic now you are talking about buying traffic what is it? It’s both.

If you write a blog post mentioning their site they will send you 10,000 visitors over 30 days. So this is the post about their site.

I will submit this to them and will update this post in 30 days to see how many visitors they sent me.  I will also note if the traffic was converting or not.

If their traffic is good I will buy some and report on it also.  You can make a one time purchase or monthly purchases. You can target your traffic purchases by age,  interests and countries.

Take a look at their site and keep checking back for my updates.

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