5 Ideas for Blog Posts

Ideas to help get you unstuck and make writing your blog posts a little bit easier.

1.  Provide a Step-by-Step Tutorial

Let each step of the process be a blog post. This way readers will return to follow each post. Be sure to include pictures and instructions for each step of the process.

For example: How to grow prize winning roses in three easy steps.

2.  Create a List

Readers love a “Top Ten” list. “The Seven Fat Loss Rules Every Dieter Need to Know” “The 5 Dos and Don’ts of Online Marketing”, “The 10 Home Schooling Tips for The New Home Schooler”, “Top 10 Ways to Show Appreciation”

Resource lists are always appreciated.

3.  Review a Product

Readers want honest reviews.  So be sure to include the pros and cons of the product. Include price comparisons and the features and benefits.  If it is a physical product include images from different angles. Once you are known for writing honest reviews that disclose the flaws of a product your following will increase.

4.  Create a Calendar of Events

Announce the upcoming product sales, seminars and happenings.  If you are selling physical products and there will be a discount list it. Be sure to include the blog posts that you will be publishing. On Sept. 20 we will releasing a series of posts on “Staying Motivated while Working from Home”, or a series on “The Easy Way to Train Your Dog”.

5.  Use a Content Starter

Sometimes you can sit and stare at the computer wondering what you should write about.  If you have a series of content starters, your writing will be much easier. For example fill in the blanks and the expand on it.

“The one thing I always get asked about ______________ is _______________.”

“The one thing I always get asked about dieting is can I lose weight fast?”

It should then be easy to write a few paragraphs on the subject.

Use these 5 tips to get you started writing your blog posts.

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