5 Content Starters

Content Starter Ideas.

Many people automatically think they need articles or blog posts when they hear “content marketing”. Content can be a variety of things. Here are 5 starter ideas to get you going in your content marketing.

1. Top 10 Lists

List are very popular and easy to do. Here are some ideas:

  • A number of ways to do something (“Top 10 Ways to Save Money”)
  • The best reasons to do something (“Top 8 Reasons to Buy Gold”)
  • The steps required to do something (“5 Important Steps to Applying Makeup”)
  • The most important rules of doing something ( “6 Must-Follow Rules of SEO”)

2.  How To’s

Give your reader’s step by step instructions on how to do something.
Use bullet points to show each step. “How to Write A Sales letter, Step-By-Step”
“Step by step plans for building a Bat House”

3.  Seasonal content.

Tie your content into different times of the year, and to holidays.

  • Articles based on the season / weather (ex. “Tips for Coping With the Winter Blues).
  • Content to help people cope with stress around busy holidays (ex. “7 Tips for Dealing with Stress During the Holidays”)
  • Look at a calendar and see what’s coming up.  Look for lesser known and fun holidays. Blessing of the Animals Day or Cable Car Day.

4. Product reviews

Do in-depth and honest reviews of products.  And they can be audio or video reviews.

  • A brief, yet detailed list of features.
  • Your objective opinion about the product pros and cons.
  • Price comparisons.
  • Add images, use different angles, highlight different features.

5.  Interviews

Find an expert in your niche and interview them. Your interview can be audio, video or written.

  • Have someone interview you.
  • Record the audio and have it transcribed.
  • Have your expert respond to questions in writing.
  • Make your interviews into a paragraph magazine-style interview.

These are just a few of the ways to get content for your blog or for a free lead generation product.

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