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Sales Page Fundamentals

salesletter copy

The fundamentals of a sales letter. 1. Attention-getting headline with a big promise. “Brand New Method Gets You Unlimited Traffic and Up to $250 in Your PayPal Account Today!” 2. Identify a problem – Empathize with your reader (ex. “I know how frustrating it is to try to lose weight. I’ve tried just about every diet known to man.”) 3. Show there is a solution and that solution is your great product! “Finally, You Can Now Press A Simple Button And Instantly Get Your OWN Fully Automated […]

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5 Content Starters

Content Starter Ideas. Many people automatically think they need articles or blog posts when they hear “content marketing”. Content can be a variety of things. Here are 5 starter ideas to get you going in your content marketing. 1. Top 10 Lists List are very popular and easy to do. Here are some ideas: A number of ways to do something (“Top 10 Ways to Save Money”) The best reasons to do something (“Top 8 Reasons to Buy Gold”) The steps required to do something (“5 Important […]

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Color Meaning–Unlock the Symbolism and Color Psychology of Common Colors

Color Psychology Color is a magical element that gives feeling and emotion to art, design, and advertising. By understanding color meaning, (or the psychology of color) you can choose the right color to support and emphasize your design. A dominant color or overall color scheme can determine the tone of your document. Certain colors will help your product, corporate document, or advertisement attract specific target audiences and evoke desired responses. The information below provides generally accepted guidelines on the symbolic meanings of color and how you can […]

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Working at Home the Truth One roadblock to creating powerful passive income can be the very fact that you are working at home. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that creating passive income should be a money-making activity. Instead, there’s a temptation to procrastinate or potter at it. (You’ll know this is you if you find yourself constantly telling people you’re “working on” your book or your package—without ever getting one out!) And you can’t focus on just one product: You need to have a […]

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HOW TO MAKE SURE YOU MEET MILESTONES AND DEADLINES Most people miss the most important step in making sure you meet milestones and deadlines—and that is having a big enough need, want or why. Starting backwards: Identify the big goal(s) Identify the steps you have to take Create realistic deadlines—from the final deadline all the way forward to the first small step Ask yourself… What is NOT taking action costing YOU? Everything else—setting deadlines backwards, outsourcing, accountability partners; even hiring your own business coach—all these are, at […]

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Your Business Impact

Building the Business of Your Dreams It’s vital to understand and include the key foundations of a specific, successful business plan, to make sure your business vision and model matches your dreams. For this, you need to assess and make sure you include three essential components: Impact—your business footprint Financial strength—your financial goals Philanthropy—how you give back Too often we fail because we focus on only one or two of these key hallmarks of a truly successful business. Leaving out any one of these three keys will […]

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